Death Poetry

I know it’s not a short story, but it’s something more creative than tags? And more appropriate to the current state I am in. XD

Is it weird that enjoy writing death poems so much?

Well, probably…

But you know. Sometimes you just gotta… *vaguely waves hands* channel your inner death. And maybe you need to do that as well…so here you go. Death poems for your inner morbid child.

I would, though, like to point out that my take on death might be immature considering, well, I’ve never experienced close personal loss. So proceed with caution…?

Also, happy March (not so happy for me, but we’re being positive here)!

Okay, first up….

Release your breath
And stay in silence
Let peace rest upon your frozen form
For the light in your eyes has fled
And the fire in your bones has cooled
But do not quaver in fright at this mounting doom
Ice, too, melts; darkness does perish
So rest, love
Rest in the memory of love
Join the choir of the eternal light
And bask in the fire that will never die

Even as we make you one with snow
Remember that the cold we feel inside
Are fragments of the embers you took to your new life

Death Dirge of the Nebulae (August 19, 2020)

The Nebulae is a race in one of my worlds. I was going on about funeral traditions and wedding traditions once upon a time and decided I wanted the snow-bound people to have a fiery funeral cremation thing….fun, right?

So…second poem here!

When I was younger
A loved one died
I resented God
And from Him turned aside

But then I had a vision
Of her in the sky
And with joy she told me
“How I wish you would die”

July 28, 2020

I hope the meaning comes across well enough, cause I read it now and see it could come off as kind of creepy, even if you are a Christian….

Heh…but you know me? 😉

Moving on to the next one!

Nothing kills faster than time
The sword and sickness all yield
To their cruel, gentle master time
Life and death are its to wield
The earth and heavens both break
And follow the changes of time
Light and darkness sleep and wake
To the beckoning call of time
Hope, heaing, and slumber
Bow to the forces of time
Though weapons and forces slaughter
Nothing kills faster than time

(second part is spoiiiilers. :DDD)

Time (April 10, 2020)

And THIS is another poem in another of my worlds. Still debating who composed it. Honestly, the second part isn’t *really* spoilers, so I could give, but it’s funner to be mysterious. It’s just cause symbolism, and stuff.

And finally! Remember when I was talking about those parallel poem things I sometimes enjoy composing in one of last year’s NaPoWriMo posts? Well…here’s a little something called “Death and Life” I composed April 2019 (so long ago, I know) and I still quite like today.

Plus, I don’t want to leave you guys all depressed. XD

Death is…
Rotting flesh and rotting bone,
A void, far away from home,
Tears and screams and desperate fear,
Silence that snuffs every cheer,
Hate and murder self-imposed,
Swimming in guilt, undisposed,
Grasping light that isn’t there,
Yielding hope you found nowhere,
Chasing shadows in the dark,
Lighting matches with no spark,
A cage made out of your own blood,
Sinking, drowning in a flood,
Always burning as you wail,
Losing all inside your jail,
Wars and wounds that won’t be healed,
Guilt and trials, ne’er concealed,
Hearing taunts without a source,
Feeling for life without a voice.

Life is…
Renewed flesh and renewed bone,
A haven and a place called home,
Love and peace and ending fear,
Laughter filled with faithful cheer,
Spurning sin once self-imposed,
Innocence, never disposed,
Being the light, here and there,
Bringing true hope everywhere,
Shadows as the only dark,
Lighting fire from a spark,
A robe washed white from His blood,
Engulfed by love, like a flood,
Crying joy, forgetting wails,
Being freed from all your jails,
Honoring the wounds that healed,
Your inner good, ne’er concealed,
Feeling hope from the great Source,
Always living in His voice.

I know this one needs a bit of editing (particularly since I realize “your inner good” could have theological issues) but take it as you will.

So you know that moment when you….

Me: Let’s share death poetry. I bet I don’t have that much…
Also Me: [scrolls through 60 mentions of “death” and “die” and that’s just only in the offical poetry doc]

So apparently I like death.


So with that, please have an apology/explanation/plead to not kill me! I’m truly fine and sane – I’m still just young and death is something that’s….well, hard to explain. Maybe in 40 years I’ll sigh at my youthful folly….or maybe even look back at with a bit of regret, as in, I wish I could go back to a time where loss wasn’t part of my story…

*awkward silence*

Ahem, right, so….I hope you tolerated my death poetry…and I hope you don’t feel like life is slowly killing you like I feel right now (ah, the pain, the pain, of being a student!)

With that….see you….sometime in another Thursday….

©Lemon Duck, 2021. All rights reserved.

5 thoughts on “Death Poetry

  1. “So rest, love
    Rest in the memory of love” nice.
    “But then I had a vision
    Of her in the sky
    And with joy she told me
    “How I wish you would die”” N I C E

    i remember when i was very little, i told my mom i couldn’t wait to die so i could go to heaven. that didn’t go over well. but this made me think of that! and

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I do that….poor Sara. And right??? What’s so wrong about wanting to – oh, wait, never mind. XDD….

        And thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks.


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