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Know the Novel: Within the WiP

‘ello again, minions…time to give a small update on NaNo…now that I’m at 30K. 🙂

So, Christine Smith has released the second part of the NaNo linkup, which means I get to answer questions about the novel while said novel is still in its “get written” stage.

Also…update on title. I have changed it to Every Tragic Story (Tells People Something) because, yes, I’m an incredibly intelligent person like that. :DDDDD ETS (TPS)…anyone? 😛

Umm…so without further ado, let’s get to it! 🙂

1. How’s the writing going overall?

I’ll be honest. Not being able to throw magic at everything and skillfully ignoring explaining science stuff because my narrator is a thirteen year old girl who really doesn’t get science is….kind of hard.

But also really fun.

I have to balance Next Time’s very…1900s narrative style (well, modern 1900s narrative style) with her thirteen year old (but a bit more mature) mindset and…it’s hard. Probably unrealistic but…yes. Fun. That’s what we’ll go with.

But with writing writing, *headdesks* I’m prioritizing essays over NaNo cause I’m trying to be responsible. It also means that by the time I give up on procrastinating my essays for NaNo, I have no words…and I haven’t been keeping a super consistent word count.

Also, my pacing stinks.

2. What’s been the most fun aspect about writing this novel so far?

Hehehehe…when I accidentally get moments of brilliance. As in, that one time when I fixed a plot hole and made the story more interesting, or when I suddenly put in an impromptu phone call happen. 😛

Honestly, though, I’m sad that this book is very much an intoductory book. Kind of slow, I think, but also really fast at the same time. :l….can you tell I’ve no idea what I’m doing? BUT – I can’t wait to explore my villains further. They’re very interesting indeed.

Also, I like figuring out the friendship between a taciturn but actually bubbly almost 14 year old girl and a taciturn, tragic boy four years older than her. (And before you wonder if romance will happen, I don’t know. I’m happy to let them stay friends. And Next Time has quite a few *other* boys in future books she could pair up with nicely. Who knows, though!)

3. What do you think of your characters at this point? Who’s your favorite to write about?

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHH. I love my characters. But writing Samantha is HARD, like I’ve said before. It was a bit easier four years ago when my mindset was actually less mature than a mature 13 year old. And I’m STILL immature, except I’m kind of older, so there’s that. 😛

I’ll say that I really love writing my villains. And the interactions Decryption and Next Time have (both of the two are my adorable cinnamon rolls, which is weird to say considering one of them is based off a real person, who, while he isn’t mean, I wouldn’t call a cinnamon roll either. Must be the tragic backstory IRL Decryption lacks.)

But yes, villains. Hooooboiiiii. I REALLY do LOVE them so much. And why do I like writing about psychos who mutilate and display their victims hanging from prison bars or squishing people to death and then leaving nonchalantly? (I can’t wait to get to the third villain, who likes animals and horror and explosions and mass murders cause individual murders make her sad.) I promise I’m not a sociopath….

Villains are fun, though.

4. Has your novel surprised you in any way?

Umm….a little? I mean. Technically, every additional words I write are surprising since I’m plantsing this. Some of it is familiar but a lot of it is pretty new. And at this point, I’m filling in some gaps and such things…so, yesh, it’s surprising.

There is one scene I got surprised by. Namely, a scene I’ve dubbed “slow horror.” Like, I don’t *think* it’s that horrific, but I think it definitely has those horror vibes but…slower.

5. Have you come across any problem areas?

Not yeeet? I mean, I REALLY want to explore Sam’s relationship with her family more. And her faith, as well. Technically, right now, it’s not *as* strong. Her Christianity is geniuine but….well, it will happen later because trauma and angst. :DDDD

6. What’s been your biggest victory with writing this novel at this point?

SPOILERSSSSSS. To be very vague, foreshadowing. 🙂

7. If you were transported into your novel and became any one of the characters, which one do you think you’d be? Would you take any different actions than they have?

Technically, I AM one of the characters, because that’s fun to do. :DDD I would definitely love to be Volcano, though. 😉 And I don’t think I’d do anything THAT different. Exploding things, mass murders, creepy dialogues that distract people from her true purpose? A slightly disturbing personality? ACH!!! I PROMISE I’M A GOD-FEARING CHRISTIAN!! This is me as VOLCANO, a VILLAIN…and I think I’d act very much like her, which is the point…I think? I’m scared of myself now….

8. Give us the first sentence or paragraph then 2 (or 3!) more favorite snippets!

*winces* Fine….

The world didn’t start out in such a mess.

It didn’t. But it sure is a mess right now, Sammy dear. Much like my writing.

I was very literally saved by a bell when the alarm system—connected to a satellite my grandfather had helped launch to pinpoint dangers—vibrated in my pocket, signaling some form of trouble.

The twins started when I almost threw myself off the dinner table. “Well, looks like I’ll have to go.” I flashed a wide smile at the twins. “But it’s fine, I’m ahead so…you guys go on and do your work.”


I ignored Elena’s drawl of frustration as I barged into my room and almost expertly changed clothes.

There went the virtues of my earlier shower.

Still, I enjoyed the work I did, even if it was odd that I was taking such a work at my age. I was a little bit miffed, however, that after outfitting myself into my simple clothing of grayscale and a somewhat bright red knee-length cloak (belt with a small rod included), I found that the danger was flashing a yellow color, signifying my help was likely not needed.

However, sometimes, yellow did turn into full scale red, so it was good to at least do some reconnaissance.

Besides, I really hated math.

You’re not alone, Sam, dear. Also, if you’re wondering if I’ll be this expositiony with a lack of details considering atmosphere, expressions, movements, and such things for the rest of the novel….the answer is absolutely (still wanna read it, Ellery who is busy?)

I was too baffled to feel the sting of the cold roof floor and the slight scratches to my cheeks. Because how? How had this…Dagger grabbed and knocked a man quite a distance away from her unconscious. How had she just reversed our positions without giving me a chance to react?

And what was it with her and this man?

“Helena, stop…”

I sucked in my breath.

I could feel Dagger’s eyes dart off me to the man. “So it is you?”

Her voice and tone were soft, almost relieved and longing. “I’m glad you’re safe, Terrance,” she whispered.

I squirmed under her grasp, but she held me tight. But no worries, I had placed one arm out and underneath me.

“What are you doing?” “Terrance” asked, his voice pained.

My clammy hands felt under my cloak, finally landing on the object of my struggles.

Above me, Dagger breathed. “I’m making justice.”

You’re such a drama queen, Dagger. 😛 (Not really. She’s just an sad 15 year old girl with Very Big Issues; this is NOT a reflection of my very black licorice sweet IRL friend she was based off of). Also….”Dagger breathed”???? Huh???

“And who are you?” the older boy asked, his eyes rifting between the girl and the cocooned judge.

“Rapunzel,” the girl smirked a little as she squeezed the judge tighter. “And I’m hurt you don’t remember me, was it Decryption?”

I blinked at Decryption once again. Just how many connections to teenaged villains does he have? Did he used to run a secret gang or something over the internet?

I mean, it wasn’t unheard of. I had once battled a man who had attempted to destroy the internet itself. Still, Decryption, even if he was a little hard to read and I had just met him, didn’t seem like the type to run an internet gang.

“I have no idea who you are, even without the hair,” Decryption returned.


But…Rapunzel didn’t get to finish her sentence. She yelped a little as Decryption lunged for her but at the last second darted to where the judge—and likely the house’s owner—was, shooting his rifle with surprising accuracy and releasing the judge from his…unusual bonds.

“Oh, well, I mean…yeah, that didn’t hurt,” Rapunzel blinked, then wagged her eyebrows at me. “So you finally found a partner, huh, Next Time? Good for you. Might actually need it.”

Frowning, I once again avoided the attacks from her hair and finally managed to unsheathe my metal staff. “What do you want with this judge?”

I heard a small sigh a way’s to my left. “To kill him, clearly.” That was Decryption…and that was not really the answer I had been looking for.

“Well, yeah, but I just don’t want to kill him,” Rapunzel nonchalantly said as she danced about the room with a small smirk on her face. She then shot towards me an alarming speed.

The blue eyes that stared back at me burned with fire and ice and an intensity I couldn’t name. “I want to torture him…and make him pay for his corruption.”

IRL person I based her off on (sadly somewhat lost contact with, too) also isn’t this mean…or sarcastic. She WAS playful, though, and friendly. 🙂 Not really too much of a dramatic person, if I remember right, but this one certainly likes to be so at times. 😛

But that was rather depressing except for the math…have a short one that’s more fluffy. ;(


My eyes blinked open, feeling bleary after a long night spent stopping a duo of slingshot wielding supervillains from spreading a virus in a town’s water supply.

I shrieked.

“AH, ELENA! DANIEL! Why??” I gurgled as I pushed both of their extremely close faces away with my blanketed hands.

My heart hammered inside my chest as I recovered from the rude awakening, lying like a dead log on my bed, my blankets twisted over me like a giant boulder.

When the twins hovered over me again, I glared.

“Someone’s cranky,” Elena smirked. “Don’t you remember it’s swimming time?” she added, swiping the blankets.

There was a “woosh” of air, and my arms crawled from the following draft.

“Wakey time!” Daniel sang.

“Stop,” I begged, curling up and shoving my face in my head. “It’s like seven in the morning, I don’t want to go swimming…”

But it was ten, and they were sixteen. And I had no excuse like Lily and Marcos, who had already left with our parents.

Oldest twinsies want allll their siblings to go splish splash. And poor stressed Sam forgot to make an excuse like her younger siblings and was dragged to it.

Yeah….snippets. Sorry I gave you four and that they were so long… one day I’ll master the art of short things…

9. Share an interesting tidbit about the writing process so far! (For example: Have you made any hilarious typos? Derailed from your outline? Killed off a character? Changed projects entirely? Anything you want to share!)

Oh, I made it darker. The murders and violence were not what I expected. Actually, I have a quote saved when I discussed it with a discord buddy (who is an author, and I need to read her books, which I’ve heard are GOOD).

Lemon: “This is so violent.”
Abi: “What’s violent?”
Lemon: “My story. It’s very violent.”
Abi: “Why am I not surprised?”

But you know, things happen. One moment, you’re writing a quack story about your real life acquaintances being psycho bad guys, the next you apparently have them brutally and mercilessly murdering people and traumatizing a 13 year old.


10. Take us on a tour of what a normal writing day for this novel looks like. Where do you write? What time of day? Alone or with others? Is a lot of coffee (or some other drink) consumed? Do you light candles? Play music? Get distracted by social media (*cough, cough*)? Tell all!

Well….usually, I’ll write in the evening/late night/really cutting it really close, aren’t you there, Lemon. I’ve actually done quite a few writing sprints with my discord buds. I have realized I can average about 800 words in 20 minutes if I’m trying. And 900ish words if I’m really into it. If I was writing a World 2 novel, I have no doubt I could have easily reach 1000 words/20 minutes. But World 3 is HARD!!

And a LOT of tea has been consumed….I discovered tea drinking…and now I drink about 1.5 liters of it a day whenever I do, which hasn’t been that often because I don’t want to waste the glorious tea I DO have. I mean, 1.5 isn’t THAT much, true…but compared to the pathetic amount of liquids I used to consume, that’s an improvement.

And oh, yes, I DEFINITELY get distracted by social media and such things. I also have essays, in which I procrastinate on with NaNo. Aren’t I so responsible? 0:)))

And there you go. That’s how my novel’s been like. Fun, annoying, FUUUUUN, and so far not super angsty but kind of brutal…ish.

But hehehe…we’re getting there. (Watch out, Sam, I’m going to crush your little almost 14 year old spirit. *cackles*)… Except I don’t WANT to get there because I DON’T WANT TO WRITE EMOTION!

Aaahhhh GIF - Kermit Frog Scream GIFs



Yes…see you December!

P.S. cause it’s a bit of a downer. I mentioned World 2 before, and I had to share this…*fun* fact with you people. But…wayyy back in, like, 2016 or so 2015 when this world 2 was being developed, I made it so that the “great evil” villain featured in Book 1 had also appeared in two other points in history, and that his defeat had left an aftermath of destruction. Guess who decided to make the Black Plague an aftermath of said great evil’s trapping? THIS GIRL! And guess who realized in 2015/16 that “there’s no big plague that I can use for the modern era.” *punches younger self*

Image credit: Christine’s blog and Aaahhhh GIF from Kermit GIFs

©Lemon Duck, 2020. All rights reserved.

17 thoughts on “Know the Novel: Within the WiP

  1. Wellll… I can’t pretend I know anything about your worlds or characters, because I don’t, but this was fun to read. Is the MC’s name Samantha? Or Next Time? Or both? (Also. I vote she gets together with this older boy. Or some boy, okay?? I need romance. XD)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Samantha and Next Time are the same people. XDD Next Time is her pseudonym as a hero. (Ahahaha. XDDD…clearly so you need the romance XDD. I will contemplate it. :P)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This story sounds fun and awesome right now. I really enjoyed reading this update!
    I love your villains. They sound so interesting and cool.
    Those snippets are just amazing! I didn’t mind the length cause I loved reading them! I wish there were more, or they were longer, actually.
    (Regarding the romance… how will it work? Cause he is four years older and when he’s an adult, she’ll be still a teenager for quite a while… that may be awkward.)
    30k is an awesome amount! *applauses*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww, thank you, Ribbonash!! 🙂 You’re really too kind to the remains of my writing after essays. XDD
      (I have no idea. I definitely know they definitely wont’ start having the feelings thing until their looong drama is over. She would probably be around 17-18 by then. But again, she could be paired off with another boy or not at all *cackles*)
      Thank you!! And I hope you are also dying (I mean doing) splendidly with your novel?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome. I think not. 🙂
        (Okay, cool. That’s good to know. Cause all I could think of is that it will be such a mess! It will be much better if all of the drama is over. Haha, yes, who knows?)
        Aww, thank you for asking. I am dying (I mean doing) really my novel well! It is coming to life slowly, but that’s okay. I don’t have any deadlines with this one.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sorcery? XDD And YESS!! I’m so glad it’s going well!! Here’s to *doing* our novels! (And yes, I agree. Romance WHILE drama is going on at *that* age in modern times. HARD pass. ;P)

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey, I don’t think of him as emotionless. Just more taciturn. 😛 He shows PLENTY of snark, thank you.


  3. EEP! THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN TO READ!!! Your story just sounds like a BLAST! Even if it’s dark and stabby… But, like, I relate so hard. Even when I *think* I’m going to write something more lighthearted *BOOM* HERE COMES THE FEELS!!! I can’t get away from them. *shakes head* (But I also adore feelsy books sooooo.)

    ALSO. Villains are the BEST and I make no judgements on your enjoyment of them.

    Also also THE SNIPPETS! THEY WERE GREAT. I mean, being called to do superhero duty instead of math homework really is the dream.

    Thank you so much for joining the linkup and sharing all this goodness! And congrats on reaching 30k!!! I do hope all the rest of the month goes wonderfully for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehehe…glad you managed to sit through this monster of a post. XDD…and thank you so much!! It’s so true, though! You don’t torture your characters on purpose. Its just a (happy?) accident! 0:)

      Glad I’m not alone in my villain love….just can’t resist, them…like, ever. Unless they’re really awful….

      Thank you!!! Channeling my inner math homework avoider truly helped. 😉 And thank you for the welll wishes. I see that you are really cranking it up on the word count and I hope all turns out to be well!!


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