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NaPoWriMo: None (And A Celebration for All of You)

AHA!!! AHAAAHAHAHAHA!!! LAST DAY!! L A S T D A Y ! ! It’s also sort of a long post since I’ve about three different things to say…

YUP! It’s the last day of NaPoWriMo AND I DID IT!!

I wrote a poem every day! Sometimes MORE than one poem every day! And it was all probably weak because I don’t know what emotion and punctuation and stuff are but I DID IT AND THAT IS GREAT!!


Prompt pic (March 11, 2020)

Yeah, yeah…I was being slightly sarcastic by choosing “none,” inspired by Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None….SO GOOD and you must READ IT!

Now to do the last NaPo poem!!!!!!!

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I want to put this feeling in words
Yet they will never come out
How to set this rhythm in stone
I will never know
Would you show me the secret
Of capturing this moment
This feeling, this…knowledge
Into something that will last forever?

Story, song, poem
Sculpture, snapshot, art
Prose, memento, anything?

Anything to weave this thread
Into the tapestry of eternity?
Don’t let it become a blemish
That will disappear tomorrow

Would someone show me how
To make everlasting art of a memory?
To make this fleeting, fickle feeling last?
To remember what I know I’ll forget?

Or will you let me sigh over what I’ve forgotten?

Memory is cruel
Do you not see her laugh?
For Moment gives you bliss
Whose feelings never last.

And to ruin the moment (which I have done already)…






Exactly Elsa, you said it!!

I hope y’all enjoyed that last poem because let me tell you…this month was actually not too bad.

Did I procrastinate on important stuff in favor of this?


But did I COMPLETE this?

YES, I DID!! (Don’t worry. I also completed all that other stuff in good time, too)

Do I want to do a reflection of my completion?

If you would allow me to. *bows*


First of all, let me start off by saying I made a terrible mistake by posting every day. But you live and learn, correct?

I mean, firstly, it’s dumping wayyyy too much Lemony stuff on you that you don’t need. Secondly, posting is surprisingly…hard? I mean, it’s never been much of a deal, but it gets tiring clicking all those categories and image features and tags and stuff. So…yikes.

That means if I ever DO do NaPoWriMo again next year, I’m probably going to do one of those summary posts (with the full or excerpted poem) on Tale Thursdays. Though seeing as what’s coming up in this year makes me wonder if I’ll even have TIME to do this.
I’m also going to take a month-long break (if you don’t mind). I do have MAYYYYBE two (or one) non-story-or-poem-or-creative-writing related posts scheduled for the middle of May but that’s about it. (The only reason one of them is going to be posted is because I had no impulse control and wrote a monstrous post way back on…a certain topic (don’t worry. It’s not a hot one).)

Moving on, despite all that, however, I enjoyed poetry month. It was…fun. At least funner than writing my novel (which still sits half-unfinished (because why say half-finished and look on the bright side?).) Repent was only marginally more messy than my poetry, so I think you know what that means, though they were both equally confounding.

To conclude my nonreflective reflection, I’d like to say that this month has left me with way too many rhymes in my head (I made random poems on love and daydreams and death and the like by accident) and a need to sing about something. Also, my greatest wish is to relearn the rules of proper grammar and syntax.

Third part!


I reached 44 followers!!! 😀

I know. It’s neither 50, 100, 200, or 500 or whatever multiple of five it is.

But it’s a multiple of four.

Except…there are TWO 4s in that number…and I like the number 4.

So I think it’s worth celebrating, especially considering the fact that I’m vaguely sure I don’t know 44 people (who are you and what do you want with me, you stalkers?) and I’m even more sure that I didn’t do anything too public?


Anyway. I thought it would be fun to do a poll (I predict about 7 people will vote ;)). Just to celebrate!

If you are wondering why I put nonexistent readers in there, it’s what I used to call my audience way before I blogged…or did writing stuff. (I was a weird childie who liked pretending a cranky audience I could explode myself to?). And the others for obvious reasons…

Basically, I see audiences being called A Very Special Name and hey!! You people are special but we are also somewhat democratic so….

Expect to see something like this again when I reach 444 followers. And 4444 (four fours!!!!). Though I have a nagging suspicion that before either of that does happen, I’ll shriek in terror and hide from existence (444 internet people is a lot to me! So’s 44…don’t judge…)

Okay. I’ll stop rambling now and SQUISH you all in a hug for following this Lemon Ducky (not lethally, of course) and marvel at how blogging has made me meet very talented people out in the field of writing and poeming and stuff!

And so this concludes April’s posts.

Lemon Duck (Jan 21, 2020)


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©Lemon Duck, 2020. All rights reserved.

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