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Meet My MC (a linkup)

Because honestly, why not?

Firstly, happy new year and 2021. I hope you ducky minions are doing okay!

Now…Maya is hosting a linkup thing in her blog, and I thought it looked fun! Here’s the original post if you want to introduce a character.

Now, to do it! 😀

Rather than talking about my NaNo heroine Samantha or hero Decryption, who’re still in development (though their novel IS finished, yay), I’ve decided to talk about another of my MCs, who is also in development, so….

1 // Introduce your MC. What’s their name? Age? Appearance? (Sharing collages/inspiration photos encouraged!)

I sadly lack inspiration photos. But Eileen Byrd….a woman with fair skin, brown hair, and brown eyes in her mid-thirties. She’s mature, has a sense of humor that’s dry and fun and actually is the most put-together of all my protagonists.

2 // Explain how your MC fits into the plot of your book (as best you can without spoiling it all…).

As the point of view character (in third person), the way she fits into the plot is discovering a world of magic after her son’s been kidnapped by the enemy (cause, typical fourteen year old he is, he was involved in this magic organization and didn’t tell mom…at least he left a video explaining all, though!) From then on, it’s her navigating this world and making sure her memories aren’t erased.

3 // What’s the first thing your MC says in the story? The last? A random quote from the middle that you like?

First thing? Last thing? No clue whatsoever….as she is in a series that I definitely haven’t completed. I mean, I started this series just this month or late December, I’m pretty sure!

But the first thing she’s said so far is “What the—”…which, yes, is a cut off swear. Because, yes, she sometimes swears under stress. As one might be tempted to if your son was just kidnapped and your husband was stabbed.

It just fit her character, for some reason, but she never swears in front of people ten years younger than her. 😀

The last thing she’s said so far (I’ve got about 47 word doc pages written)

“I hope you weren’t going to say that you had to kill me.”

And I have no good middle quotes. Sadly, her humor is a bit stifled under the stress of missing a son and dealing with an organization she finds shady. Not to mention their enemies.

4 // Which other character would die for your MC?

I mean…her husband. And definitely her son. And as she gets to know more people, probably a lot more than she thinks. But she can take care of herself, even if she appreciates the help. 😉

5 // Would your MC die for them?

She’s a mother. And a wife. Of course she’s die for her husband and son! She’s got a great sense of self-preservation and doesn’t need to die for anyone else, though. 😛 But no, really, she would die for many people.

6 // Have any major details about your MC changed since you first created them?

I’ve…created her on December. And I’m pretty happy with how it’s going. So not at all…

7 // What characters (from books/movies not by you) remind you of your MC? Why?

Welllllll….I can’t think of any right now. Wracking my head but of course I can’t remember any no-nonsense mothers with a touch of the mischievous and fun, sparkly personality that can instantly turn into “I’m here for seirous business.”

8 // Share your MC’s favorites! [ color, food, type of clothing, place, type of music, season, smell, etc. ]

Color: Red

Food: Grilled cheese sandwiches

Clothing: She’s the bold but classic colors type with a practical but stylish edge. And no, I have no idea what that means.

Place: Probably her home

Music: Old songs. The earth equivalent (story doesn’t take place on earth) would maybe be *blanks on old songs*….old songs from the late 1900s?

Season: Autumn

Smell: she has a fondness for the smell of clean rooms and cedar wood. But they’re more subconscious favorites

9 // If your MC wasn’t involved in your story, what would they be doing? (Basically: what’s their dream life? Where do they want to live, what do they want to do?)

Honestly, she’d find out about her son eventually. After all, she’s Eileen Byrd. Of course she’d find out about her son doing lethal activities as a minor and blow her top. Or at least have a diplomatic discussion about it heavily favored to her side.

10 // Share a fun extra (another collage, a playlist, a scene from the story, a drawing, etc.).

Uhh, sure….have a sketch?

Pose stolen from Pinterest

I know she doesn’t look very well-proportioned nor like someone in her mid-thirties. But I’m going to give myself the excuse that she does look a bit younger than her age. I mean, it IS canon…but I know it’s a sorry excuse…

And there we go….that was fun! I can’t make any promises, but I’m hoping to use these characters for future blog posts. Cause they’re so much fun and I really love the entire cast.

Eileen in the first book isn’t as fun to write as she will be for the second book, cause she’s pretty irate in Book 1 with everyone and everything and crazy young people seemingly leading this organization (“where are the old people??”)…but she’s awesome.

So yes… Thank you, Maya, for the linkup. Twas immensely fun!

With that, I’m hoping to start posting on Thursdays again – short stories, scenes, or poetry. But when I’ll start a regular schedule, I sadnessly cannot say. 😦

But I won’t let this blog (or as my CW teacher called it (highly paraphrased) imagination diary) die!

Image Credit: All to me, except for the intro graphic, which is Maya’s. No reposts and all that disclaimer stuff. ;P

©Lemon Duck, 2021. All rights reserved.

11 thoughts on “Meet My MC (a linkup)

  1. Thank you for doing the linkup! And keeping your blog alive (because I, for one, would be very sad if it died). Eileen Byrd sounds like a delightfully protective person and I would like to meet her.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. But of course! Thank YOU for starting it and for the compliment! ❤ Hehehe, she's a lot of fun and hopefully, you'll get to sort of meet her in the future. :DD

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, a mom main character? That sounds so epic and original!!!! I’d totally be into that!!! Eileen sounds like someone I’d like to be friends with. (And that drawing of her? YES I didn’t know you were such a good artist!!??) Please put more snippets and details of your story here, because I’d love to read them! 💕💕💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. XDD. Thanks. Why are moms rare MCs, though? They’re amazing! And yesss, I hope to put something like snippets here. :DDD

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ooooh, this was fun to read! I LOVE that you made your mc a Mom. I feel like most people would go with the son for the mc, but that would be so typical! Your mc being a mother caring for her child is SO cool and unique, what a genius idea! Also, she sounds flippin’ awesome. Can’t wait to hear more about this story soon!

    P.S. I am not surprised her husband gets stabbed. This is a Lemon Duck book. Stabbing is essential.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha!! Thank you! That’s true….(I won’t lie. The way I came up with this story was by thinking it would be HILARIOUS if the son was a typical YA hero and then got kidnapped, but the story started with that and his mom now had to find him)….

      (And stabbing is ALWAYS essential)


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