Tell Me Something

Okay. So I’ve decided, why not add the contact page? It’s a great way to build up my reputation as a stalker if I get people to contact me.

Of course, that might just invite professional stalkers to challenge me and crash my inbox or something.

Anyway, I have absolutely no idea what this is for except to bombard the runner of this blog with an email…but here! Talk to me…if you dare. Want me to review a book? Make a post about something? Send a short story prompt? Give me something random to speak of? Just say hi? Give terrible life advice? Speak theology or something equally difficult? Read ARCs/beta reads? I don’t know…

Do whatever you wish! 😀

(P.S. Do please be mindful of your privacy, considering I’m able to see your email url thingy whatever it’s called. But you already knew that…)

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