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The Chaos of Ideas

I’m not going to be positing stories for another month or so because life. But I sort of want to keep posting, if only for my sanity…anyway, here goes.

Okay, firstly, I’m sorry for all the people whose blogs I have not kept up with. I have been at a block where I can only read the truly familiar things. Which is sad cause I LIKE ALL the blogs I read (obviously) but sometimes CAN’T. *cries*

Secondly…does anyone else have a notebook where they jot down random bits of dialogue or weird ideas? I know I do…

So I thought it’d be fun to post some of the (tamer) things I’ve got scribbled down. 98% of those things aren’t exactly serious but I don’t want to forget them, meaning they get tossed into a small idea notebook, solitary chatrooms, or even phone notes.

So here goes!

Anita: “What type of person are you attracted to?”
Fauna: “Uh…guys”

^probably said in the context as Anita was quizzing Fauna on battle stuff

This is what happens when you pair a romantic, crush-obsessed engineer with a psychotic battled-minded high schooler.


Duck: I know twenty-seven ways to torture someone with a leaf and I CAN’T kill this bug!!!
Hedgehog/Marina: Let me guess…those all include types of poison leaves
^Dialogue between college ladies

So while Marina usually isn’t one to let bugs crawl about in her hair, the importance of letting Duck know that knowing 27 ways of torturing people with a leaf is less impressive when you find out it’s mostly poison overrules the bug.


Marcos: “Huh. So that’s why”
Olivia: “That’s why what?”
Marcos: “That’s why you’re so strong”
Olivia: *easily climbing a wall and vaulting herself on the roof with one hand* “I don’t get it”
^Dialogue between Olivia and Marcos (yes, Olivia from the Brown Sisters shorts)

Olivia, you’re a journalist. Your lack of dialogue comprehension is concerning. Maybe the fairy tales are getting to her.


Sometimes I feel like a walnut
Hard shell, uncrackable
But there’s something stronger
And crack…goes my shell
There’s something precious inside, perhaps
But all the strong one wants to do
Is eat me

I honestly don’t know if I was being serious with that or if I was just running on low sleep. Cause I reread it, nodded my head in slight acceptance of the metaphor, then read that last line and choked… I mean, I was already choking when the word “uncrackable” showed up. There’s really just something about the word “crack” that makes me not able to take things seriously.


“Oh my goodness. You revived that dying person to life!”
“Is that some sort of necromancy that involves the act of kissing?”
“WHAT?!? NO! It’s mouth to mouth resuscitation!!”
^random dialogue prompt

So I was thinking about how maybe the fairy tales about true loves kiss might’ve been a result of some ancient medical remedy involving mouth-to-mouth and people Just Not Getting It Because Burnt Books or medical secrets or whatever…and that came out. Feel free to take it as a prompt, but with credit.


A man with a heavy southern accent uttering death threats….
Female friend: *shrieks with laughter* Your ACCENT and that threat!! Oh, man…I love you….
Man: Well, I love you too *smirks*
Female friend: *computing. please wait for system reboot*
^a result of me trying to imagine someone with a southern accent using exaggerated metaphors to convey a threat of dying

It’s honestly concerning what I think of at 3 AM sometimes. And I used emojis in place of the asterisks.


I mean….light swear warning but I do have a point with it.

Someone: “Huh. You liked Let’s Murciela-go?”
Eileen: “Sure”
Someone: “You??”
Eileen: “I mean. It was cheesy as hell, but it was a good show.”
Someone: “Huh…”
Eileen: “Is it really that surprising?”
Someone: “No. I just didn’t know hell was cheesy.”
^zoo world, dialogue between Eileen and someone….

As I grow older, I realize I’m getting more corrupt. See above joke that spawned from my brain for proof. Maybe one day, I’ll grow olderer enough to stop thinking such things. As it is, it’ll take a lot of restraint not to include that in the actual story. And even more restraint not to add, “If hell is cheesy, then are its demons nachos?”

Lake of fire indeed. (Cause who would waste perfectly good cheese for those nasty chips?)

And there you have it. I won’t lie and say I’ve put the craziest things of those idea notebooks on here. There are far WORSE lines and story ideas jotted down. And way more than I care to admit.

I just find it helps to write down the random tidbits that invade my brain space, whether it’s philosophical and deep (maybe I’ll include those thoughts elsewhere. Or maybe you’ll probe me for them until I give in)…or if those thoughts make you think I’ve finally gone off the rails.

Anyway, I’m curious about favorites/reactions. I myself am partial to the nut one. 😉

I’ll end this post here…but see you Next Thursday! Once again, thanks for stopping by! And byeeee, my minions!

©Lemon Duck, 2021. All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “The Chaos of Ideas

    1. XDD….it’s really fun to write down random snippets. I enjoy them more than I should as well… no shame in that 😛
      And yes….you could say I’m….rather nuts. ;)))

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