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The Otherland

You know. I realized a few days ago that I said quite a while back that I'd give myself a bi-weekly than weekly schedule. Guess who forgot and rushed every week to post something. This duck. But I'm actually DONE with the stuff that made me want to push the schedule back, so...weekly post it is.

Anything Else! · L.D. Myst · Short Stories


Considering I could suprisingly not think of any rambles to ramble about, you guys get one of the theological prose poem things I tend to not show anyone, if I can help it. If I have shown you one of my prose poems or theological poems or anything that's remotely hard-hitting, I probably like you greatly. If I haven't, I either despise your guts or fear you too much. *sips tea as I watch the chaos unfold.*

Anything Else!

Animated Glory!

Because everything else I wanted to post veered towards the politics/hot topic/only-fit-to-be-seen-by-my-nonexistent-readers'-eyes realm, I decided to ramble about animated shows and movies. Cause yes...this adult (I'm an adult??? Since when?????) likes them much better than live actions. As everyone should. 😛