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Considering I could suprisingly not think of any rambles to ramble about, you guys get one of the theological prose poem things I tend to not show anyone, if I can help it. If I have shown you one of my prose poems or theological poems or anything that's remotely hard-hitting, I probably like you greatly. If I haven't, I either despise your guts or fear you too much. *sips tea as I watch the chaos unfold.*

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So...a poem. Because I'm honestly very confused about what day it is, what year it is, and what period of my life I'm supposed to be in. This is why I hate time travel. No you will not receive an explanation. You get a poem. And YOU get a poem. EVERYONE (reading this) gets a… Continue reading Ghosts

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So. I cheated by skipping to the end. Meaning that I was too lazy to write the "Assassin in White" story. And seeing as I already had my vampire story written, well.... So yes, this was birthed after Maya mentioned it would be cool to see Skye Peterson mashed with vamps. And though I usually don't do well with prompts, Petersons' "Come to Me" PLUS the creation of a new short story world spark this (it's also around 1200 words *wipes tears of happiness*).

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A21: Walk For Freedom

And I'm back! Just like I promised yesterday! Stick around and hear my (hopefully short) thoughts on an activity I did on the nineteenth (which was yesterday!) Ever heard of A21? It's a non-profit organization founded by Christians dedicated to stopping modern slavery. That is to say, human trafficking. I learned about this organization during… Continue reading A21: Walk For Freedom

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The Law of Love

It's been forever since I've posted something on this poor, neglected blog. World of Chronicles feels like your favorite child who does everything so perfectly, you end up neglecting it (I blame you, Creative Destruction...though, I suppose it's my fault for calling you that). But anyway, this here is a short story I'm now proud of but probably will cringe on it later that I wrote in early February. It's slightly, um, less goofy than my other stories, so you might shift uncomfortably at knowing that Lemon made such a story. Oh, well. It was slightly inspired by Elpis Spring's thing with Fortune and Fate. But mostly, it was inspired by the Bible.