About The Duck

Lemon Duck (June 17, 2020)

I’ve decided to update my About Me page since it was due for one. But if you want to see the previous one, it’s right here.

Now onto the information.

I generally attempt to post on Thursdays (depending on the content, they’re either Tale Thursdays or Thomp Thursdays). While I am no aspiring author nor poet or artist, I love to write and poem and sing and do all sorts of fun artistic and intellectual things as hobbies, which (of course) carry onto this blog.

Though I am rather wary of sharing names on internet, I will share that Lemon Duck comes from the fact that I exited out of an English class thinking of lemons before making this blog (it had to do with a classmate who liked the color lemon yellow a little less lovingly than I did). And my favorite animal is a DUCK. (So, refer to me as Lemon, Ducky, Four Misty, Four, Aa D, or something else that is not my real name should you happen to know because I will end your existence *evil laughter*)

Also, I’m a girl, in case you needed to know.

You’ll likely find all SORTS of random content here and there, and likely long and rambling since I have no filter. 😉

I suppose there’s more I should say about me…but, as I have said before, what DO you need to know? I like yellow. I like books. I like art. I like practicing random hobbies that have no relevance to my future (or so I think; who knows the plans of God, anyway). I like ducks. I like fire. And I like to think that I’m sane!


Now doesn’t this look like a perfect About Me page? 😀

May your imagination never leave you,

Lemon Duck (Jan 21, 2020)

P.S. If you’re interested in how I came to get to this skill level of writing (I refuse to say if it’s good or not), then you can check the shuddersome work here…

And the blog for Contemporary Journalism (updated September 10, 2019): https://phoenixfirejournals.wordpress.com/


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