Short Stories

were you afraid as well…?

Okay....PLEASE be gracious about this story. It's poorly edited and I....rather did not finish as well as I should have. Mostly because it's not really a story. Also because I pulled the ultimate cheat and didn't really write a story for "Legends" (by The Afters) nor, I'm not like everyone else trope. Oops...OK! TECHNICALLY, I DID write something for it, but it wasn't thaaat good. get this short thing, instead.

Short Stories


So....the trope I did today was....non-consensual kissing. 😀 Which means next week (and the last Summer of Short Stories event) will be either I'm not like anyone else OR "Legends." But yes...kissing. And it's more like a "scene" than a full on short story. But same difference, right?

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So. I cheated by skipping to the end. Meaning that I was too lazy to write the "Assassin in White" story. And seeing as I already had my vampire story written, well.... So yes, this was birthed after Maya mentioned it would be cool to see Skye Peterson mashed with vamps. And though I usually don't do well with prompts, Petersons' "Come to Me" PLUS the creation of a new short story world spark this (it's also around 1200 words *wipes tears of happiness*).