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Brotherly Persuasion

Yay! More LAPH stuff. Also, I forgot to link this for the previous 3 or whatever short stories but HERE you will find all the LAPH stuff I’ve written. In case you want to catch up on the Intro Arc. That said, here we will have another one (sort of shorter, this time).

April 22, 444 EoP. Monday 15:45

“Jovan, are you okay?” Robert brutally cut to the topic before his brother could say anything inane. He flattened his eyebrows at Jovan. “And I mean about this teaching gig to a collection of students because I know you’re the one-on-one type.”

Jovan’s face deflated, his smile shrinking into something softer as he started wiping the whiteboard.

“Rob, I’m fine, I promise,” he placated as Robert rested his arms upon Jovan’s desk. “Give it some time. They have to get used to me, first, and I have faith these kids are special and see the importance of what this school has to offer. But enough about that. How was your first day?”

Robert’s expression continued to stay flat as he set a hand on Jovan’s desk. “It’s not over, yet. Morning was okay, though I was a bit tired. I think it was mostly stuff you made me learn. Afternoon led me to meet one of my teachers and his little sister, which was also okay. Except then I noticed how most of the kids here either zone out or don’t talk for whatever reason. Is it the same for your previous classes?”

Unbothered by the mostly derogatory outlook Robert had given to Mt. Laconic’s Academy for Powered Heroes, Jovan shook his head and turned around to properly face him and the bright light shining through the windows. “Glad to see you’ve made friends, Robby! Cheer up. I had two kids in the class before this one that might meet your high expectations. But anyway, I’m pretty sure your class just needs a wake-up call! After all, they all got into LAPH, and I hear Class 7 has always been particularly blessed in the school’s urban legends.”

Ignoring the latter part, Robert straightened and crossed his arms. “Only two, huh?” he prompted, meeting his brother’s vibrant blue eyes.

Jovan didn’t flinch and rolled those eyes. “Don’t start being judgmental now, Rob. It’s not becoming of you. You’d better not have been complaining about the school and collecting excuses to escape.”

That had been exactly what he was doing, and he should have known Jovan would figure it out. “So you admit that you imprisoned me here?”

“Aw, Robby!”

“Robby what?”

Wearing that unforgiving smirk that always reminded Robert of the expression his mom had worn when she’d caught Robert sneaking chocolate chip cookies in a pillowcase, Jovan sighed. “Just…try to get used to this school, please. Believe me, I’m wary as well but you have to give them a chance. The class is simple enough to teach—it’s mostly what I’ve been teaching you combined with an overview of normal life experiences. And besides, this teaching job and your free scholarship is a learning experience for both of us…”

It was Robert’s turn to deflate. Well, he still glared but it didn’t have its normal grumpiness. “I know, I know.” So time for a different tactic, then.

“I know the school isn’t as bad as I’m trying to make it seem but you don’t have to work here. In one year and eight months, I’ll be able to legally work full-time, and Mom and Dad did leave us a bunch of—”

Jovan looked down at Robert with a sparkling, whimpering sort of look that made him look like Robert’s taller, younger brother than the mature teacher Jovan should be.

Shutting his mouth, Robert slumped, his hand sliding off the desk. “I hate you,” he sighed, casually defeated in one blow.

He wasn’t pleased when Jovan reached to ruffle his already messy hair again. “Thank you, Rob,” Jovan told him, smiling. “This is new territory for us but we’ve gone through worse, right?”

He tried to remove his hand from Robert’s head but instead caught the ring he always wore on the black hair. Irate, Robert violently swatted his older brother’s hand aside and let some hair escape with it. “Ice hallways, Jovan. I was accosted by iced down hallways.” One last attempt couldn’t hurt.

Unperturbed, Jovan perked up and laughed. “But you also made a very nice friend, apparently! What’s her and her professor brother’s name?”

He really was not going to be moved, was he?

“Denise and Finn Eridos,” Robert sighed, giving up… for now. He would have said more, namely the mind-invasion thing, but the bell rang, signifying there was only seven minutes to get to the next (and last) class.

Jovan grinned. “Ah, next class! Having a bell is so fun, isn’t it, Robby?” Before Robert could respond, Jovan waved him off. “Anyway, I know Eridos. Nice guy, though a little quiet.”

“You think almost everyone’s a nice guy.”

His brother winked as he straightened papers. “You can’t think the worst of anyone without thinking the best of them.”

The bell rang a second time.

“Right,” Robert deadpanned. “Well, I’d better get to class.” He stifled a huff, heading towards the door.


Paused before he could open the door, Robert turned to find an expression of concern on his brother’s stupid face. “What?”

“Please try and make some friends without having them come to you. I know you like to be invisible but try not to do it alone, at least. This is an opportunity for you to meet kids your own age.”

Very subtle. Trying to make me make friends my own age. Of course you’d take a teaching position just for that, Robert hissed, thumping the mental shield Finn had placed earlier.

But he rolled his eyes. “Yes, because I’m so lacking in a support group.” At Jovan’s reproaching look, he added, “All right, all right, Jovan. Only if you do, though—and I mean real friends, okay?

Jovan smirked, settling comfortably on his chair, and nodded. “Then we have ourselves a deal,” he agreed before looking down at the organized notes and supplies on the desk. “Anyway, you should let the next batch of students in…”

Robert glanced out of the door’s window and saw a few students leaning curiously as if they wanted to enter but had too much self-respect to be nosy. “Right,” Robert said, rapping on the door. But he stopped suddenly as he remembered… “Oh, and one more thing, Jovan.”

His brother looked up. “Hmm?”

“You owe me a drink.”

One more thing. I should have said this in the first story….but very big shout out to my friend Ellery (from Stinging Gadfly) for helping me edit the entire Intro Arc. (And also to Emarynn.) Make good friends, people.

Lemon Duck is a tired student of an unspecified race and age at an unspecified location whose Christian background (current ground?) prevents her from truly going full on criminal. Her species tends to shift depending on her mood, but she is usually somewhat human. She tries to write, draw, read, watch, and study in an attempts to complete her humanity but instead found that being chaos incarnate was a more fulfilling job.

Despite owning multiple blogs, most of them are dead and one is currently being overtaken by a weekly serial she definitely would like you to comment, criticize, like, and share; she is definitely not at all writing this biography to appear professional, forego her usual end comments, or profess her love of alphabetical orders. She also sends her love to her inducktrinated minions readers and hopes they’ve enjoyed this week’s story.

P.S. Starting to get bored of the over the top author bio. Maybe in the tenth story, I’ll change it up…see if I can twist it from over the top to evil and destructive. Also, kind of juuuust realized that while Robert had several arguments (albeit bad ones) lined up, all Jovan had to do was give soulful eyes to win the argument. Maybe I’m biased since I’m an older sibling and wish I could control the youngers like that…

©Lemon Duck, 2021. All rights reserved.

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