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Well, I mean…the title kind of gives it awake, so if you want the TLDR (I abbreviated that right, right?), it’s basically, taking a break until….September. With maybe one or two posts in between so I don’t wander into a ghost town.

Firstly. Apologies for not posting last week. Most of you will know I was dying from moving and flights and packing, but I still will say sorry.

Secondly…as you can probably tell from most of my intro blurbs in the previous posts, I had an interesting year.

No, it wasn’t hard blogging, nor was anything particularly awful in my life. Just life being life and things in the moment looking like giants when they were more like small hills. But even so, despite it being summer and it being the perfect time for an event or the like, I’ve decided to just take a two month break, so all of July and all of August.

I miiiiight sprinkle in a post or two just to prove I didn’t die, but I also might not (or I might die, who knows?).

I mean, I do love blogging. It feels rather glorious to pretend I’m brainwashing the masses with my propaganda (and words like these make me glad the “masses” are just you guys). But I should probably take a break.

And speaking of the chaotic last year…

Like I said, I love blogging. It’s just….fun to me? But I can’t exactly keep it up when I have IRL stuff going on and propelling me forward. And yet, how do you not kill a blog but not keep up with it?

Well, that particular question was answered when I wrote a series of *coungs on fingers* 30-35? short stories in one particular world. If you remember my stories (or just want to look at them now) What Heroes are Chosen For, The Love Which Heroines Carry, and L.O.L.…yeah, it’s that world.

The LAPH world, I call it (stands for Laconic’s Academy for Powered Heroes).

I actually started that world out of pure spite after reading a scene of a book that I particularly disliked…so the MC, Robert, miiiiight have come off more angry than I eventually intended. But that was around December 2019, and it’s July 2021, now. My writing has evolved, characterization might be confusing (but who cares about proper storytelling?), and a lot more stories using that particular short invaded my mind.

Basically, LAPH is a superhero/fantasy world, where magic has died and yet been revived through superpowers – something you’re born with (usually). There are three continents, and I accidentally made none of them contain any standard caucasian people (there used to be, before I realized geographically wise, it didn’t make that much sense, but I’m going to pretend I did it to be cool and representation-y, not because I’m stupid)…

Ahem…and yeah, Robert the MC will be going to a school for superheroes despite having no powers. All because his brother Jovan (who does have a power, except it’s really boring in power standards) decided to take a teaching position at the school. And I have no idea why I’m telling you all this when all the exposition will be covered by the stories…

So yep. Come September, I’m gonna be posting the 25 shorts in the Introduction Arc of the LAPH world. They shouldn’t be over 2000 words each, and if they are, I’ll probably split them into parts (so as to not dump too much on you at once).

And no, there will be no plot twists or huge reveals (if there is, well, I did my best to be obvious about it), especially not in the Intro Arc. Nor will I have a dramatic, world-ending problem. It’s just going to be boring, slice of life stuff as Robert and his snarky thoughts and quiet exterior move around the school and meet people and do random stuff.

Yeah, a pretty big break from my dramatics and angst. XD But it’ll be fun for me to do a serial, I suppose. And more importantly, it’ll keep the blog alive and let me focus on IRL stuff.

If by the end of….six? months, I’m still banging my head on my desk and unable to do new content, I might post the second arc….if it ever gets done, that is. XD Before that, it’s all boring exposition and worldbuilding and random things you might or might not need to know just so I can show what the world’s like.

So, fair warning for those who don’t really like non-dramatic slice of life stuff or 16 year old male protags. Or mildly inconsistent characterization. Or stories with no plot. And no romance (this is important because Robert interacts with girls a lot and we are not going to SHIP….).

But yes….that is all. Come September, we will kick it off with the LAPH world Introduction Arc. Thank you to listening to my warnings and anxious platitudes that you don’t need to read. Because I’m going to make up for my laziness and irreverence for proper tale spinning by pretending I’m one of those “like, share, and comment” bloggers and you need to know my feelings now.

So yes! See you next post or September! Have a great summer, duckies!

P.S./edit: I think I wrote this post while sleep deprived. So excuses for….everything

©Lemon Duck, 2021. All rights reserved.

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