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Liebster Award…Again?

Hey, look. I DO have something to post this Thursday!! :DDD

(Thank you to the Abitrary Fairy for giving me something to post on this auspicious and rather middle-ish day of the week.)

I think I did the Liebster Award sometime in the past. But I was tagged again and despite my initial wariness of tags way back in 20something (yeah, I know I’ve been blogging for less than three? years, but I still can’t remember), I’ve found since then I really cannot resist tags. But only if I am specifically tagged.

Go self control.

Anyway, onto the tag!


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you. (Thankee, Ariella the Fairy!)
  • Answer the eleven questions he/she asked.
  • Nominate eleven more bloggers for the award.
  • Make sure they know you nominated them.
  • And ask your eleven nominated bloggers eleven questions.

1. What is your current favorite book/series, and why?

Why is this a question? This is a rude question!! How DARE you make me choose?! *deep sigh*

I’m slowly buying and reading WR Gingell’s books. Her style can be confusing at times, it’s true, but her stories are soooo much fun, you end up kind of grafting to it. I’m also still a hard fan of KM Shea’s books (my favorite of her series is her Court of Midnight and Deception books). But I’m not going to choose a series, so have two authors.

2. What are your favorite genres to read and write?

Fantasyyyyy. I dabble in all genres. But fantasy is like 70% of my reads, so… :DDD

3. What is your favorite fandom?

Hehehe….the KM Shea fandom? It’s actually not as small as it used to be. And it’s a book fandom, too. Through there, I met a ton of wholesome people and went from 3 discord servers to 20+ thanks to them….

4. Would you rather bring one of your characters to this world for a day or visit your favorite book world for a day?

Considering 95 percent of my character interviews have involved said characters wanting to throw me into a volcano for being such a neglectful author person, I’ll go for the first and bring only one here. Maybe a cinnamon roll type character that won’t kill me for having – *coughs*

Moving on…

5. What is your favorite kind of character to write or read about?

Uhhh….I like…sarcastic characters? With no filter? And maybe slightly violent streaks…

I keep telling myself it’s not very Christian to enjoy violence so much, but nothing gives me more satisfaction than watching a hero or heroine throttle the fictionality out of annoying/mean/horrible/just-plain-evil antagonists/sides. >:D Or just talk to arrogant ones with no filter.

Of course, it DOES land them in a lot of trouble, but hey!

6. Do you prefer coffee or tea? (Or something else?)

Teaaaaa. And chocolate milk. I have said this countless of times, but coffee is liquid evil (to me at least. I won’t hate you if you drink coffee…I just know coffee drinkers have dark sides 0:))).

7. Would you rather be really good at one specific talent or average at a wide variety of talents? Why?

Average. I mean, if I was average in neuroscience or brain surgery, I could still save lives, right?

And yes, I am definitely stealing that answer from some (warning for swear taking God’s name in vain) tumblr post.

8. What is your passion in life?

Quackers, not this college essay question! *screams and runs away*


But it’s books. And words. And writing. And theological stuff. Too bad that’s all kinds of broad...

9. Do you have any “unusual” talents or hobbies?

People have called me unusual, but I don’t think I have any unusual talents? I mean, I am weirdly good at thinking of violent ways to exterminate earthlings and coming up with wacky ideas but…

You know. Do I even have talents? *ponders*

As for hobbies, I like stalking people. With their consent, it’s true, but it still counts as stalking, right? But it’s just so much FUN to find out the connections between people…my casual internet obsessions have led me to see soooo many connections between indie authors and bloggers and have led to a gold mine of discoveries. (Please don’t report me. I’m harmless…I mean books/blogs/writers discoveries). That’s probably the reason I don’t subscribe to blogs and channels and stuff and just link them.

The more anonimity the better, right?

10. Would you rather live in a desert or a snowy region for the rest of your life?

Snow. Give me frostbite and hypothermia over dehydration and heatstroke any day!

11. Can you think of a movie adaptation that is better than the book?

*gasps* BLASPHEMY!

But uh…I’ve heard the Princess Bride movie is better than the book. But I’ve never read it. I’ve also heard the How to Train Your Dragon movies are better than the books, but I’ve also never read them (and I’ll be honest and say the first movie was the best. I DID love the 2nd and 3rd but they seemed lacking somehow…at least until the end. :))))

Aaaaand, that’s a wrap.

Oh, wait, right. I have to come up with eleven questions and nominate eleven people?!?!?! *panics*

Yeah….I don’t think I’m confident enough to tag eleven people. So let’s go with five…five is good, right?

Beauty Begs to Be Sculpted

Creative Olivia


The Gadfly

Girl of Glass

Eleven Elven Leveanenenen Questions….

  1. What is your favorite animal?
  2. If you had to choose any book/movie world to be trapped in, where would that be?
  3. If someone gave you 100 dollars, what would you do with it?
  4. Aha! But what if after you did whatever you did with that 100, the person would come back and demand interest, showing a contract you don’t remember you signed but had your signature?
  5. How about if someone gave you poison and promised that if you used it, it couldn’t be traced back to you?
  6. Now, if you had to choose between saving a duckling’s life or a cat’s, which would you choose (answer carefully)?
  7. If you could purge one country from all evil, which country would that be?
  8. Markers or paints?
  9. From the previous question, what would you paint/marker with that?
  10. Any hobbies you want the world to know of? 😀
  11. Finally, your greatest ships? Boats or otherwise.

And if they don’t see this…well, then. That’s none of my business. *angelic smile* Anyway, if you want to answer some of those outlandish questions or all of them or just give me a scandalous look, feel free to do so wherever you wish (and consider yourself tagged by the me who squeaks in terror in tagging people). Comments, kitchen, shower, in the void of your existence – go for it!

Right. That’s the end of the post! Let’s hope I can post something next week. Maybe another Zoo drabble? Maybe something completely random? (do you have any wish to see anything specific? I need ideas! *shakes brain*)

©Lemon Duck, 2021. All rights reserved.

7 thoughts on “Liebster Award…Again?

  1. What I wouldn’t give to have your sense of humor. xD Your answers are strangely relatable and made me cackle. I agree that the HTTYD movies were better than the books (although both have their unique charms).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pfft. I’m betting your sense of humor is delightful as well. 😉 Besides…you don’t want mine….no madame, you don’t. XD But considering my answers made you cackle, maybe you already do….. (oooh, you’ve read the books!! Might have to look into them now….)

      Liked by 1 person

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