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Introducing…The Knights of Farthestshore

Yes this post is out of schedule, but….well, you shall see!


Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Goldstone Wood books (by Anne Elisabeth Stengl) here? I mean, if the poetry post didn’t give it away, then you know that I LOVE those books with a passion.

They are everything Christian fantasy should be. And if you like CS Lewis, Andrew Peterson (Wingfeather Saga dude), or just dark fantasy/fantasy/allegory/spiritual element fiction….you MUST read the Goldstone Wood books.

It’s like stepping into a fairy tale and almost lucidly experiencing everything going on…

Anyway, the reason I broke my train of thought for a Goldstone Wood rant is that I am, in fact, introducing a website to *encourage* you to read those books (and yes, I’m part of said blogsite).

So welcome the Knights of Farthestshore, a fan-run blog place where we will discuss and analyze all things Goldstone Wood, and perhaps share fanfiction and fanart whenever it’s submitted!

Seriously, even if you don’t think Goldstone Wood will be your thing, just stick around and be indoctrinated! You won’t regret it 😉 *finger guns*

With that, I leave this post before I ramble to much (and I will be back on Thursday, not with a short story as I have been having Real Life Things to take care of….).

But whether if you’re an old fan or a new fan or a fan-to-be, I hope y’all will join in the fan….personing? that will be the Knights of Farthestshore!!

Photo Credit: All photos taken by Kendra (one of my fellow knights)

©Lemon Duck, 2020. All rights reserved.

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