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NaPoWriMo: Silver

So, so, sooo. You have reached Day 17 with me! I am impressed with ALL of you for having put up with my poetry this long and doing it so for 13 more days. Give yourself a niiiiiice, loooong, awkward kiss on the cheek from me. 😉

It is Day 17 of NaPoWriMo and I am still alive! That means another poem for today (aren’t you getting tired of it 😉 Hehe…)

Prompt pic (March 11, 2020)

Today, we’ve got silver, inspired by C.S. Lewis’ The Silver Chair (from Narnia) . Basically, you can expect for the next five days to get all Narnia-inspired prompts. Perhaps I will break away and share some of my non NaPoWriMo poetry from April, but hey, what do you guys want?? that will be up to the very decisive me…

Putting books links, even though I’m assuming you have read these books…so yes.

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On silver thrones, silver eyes
Stare at the world, no mercy
With a silver blade, it defies
All the wicked sorcery

Call him not a hero
Call her not valiant
With silver hearts they defend
To cover and never mend

On this mountain of silence
Let there be sound!
From this noiseless wind
Let its pain resound!

On a silver summit, silver eyes
Guard its terrible peaks
With silver teeth, they arise
Tearing the greedy who seek

Sunlight souls, cold flesh
They defend, attack, to wait
The hero and the valiant
The ones who will cast out hate

And so there we go! 🙂 I know it doesn’t make terribly much sense, but that’s because as I was writing it, it sort of became a lullaby/prophecy (eh, for lack of better words) for the world my current story project takes place in.

Still, silver…

Let’s see what tomorrow may bring.

Lemon Duck (Jan 21, 2020)


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©Lemon Duck, 2020. All rights reserved.

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