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Introductions and Interactions

Ooh! Look at that! I made it to Thursday without posting anything! Sure, it’s just been two days, but…ANYWAY! Here is the fourth entry to the Brown Sisters shorts. I realize the plot is moving along slowly. And this…won’t help. But I do the best I can (just wait, maybe, three more stories and I think the plot will pick up a bit?). But heyyy, you “sort of” get introduced to the LARGE main cast here…oops.

If you want to see the original post, it is found here.

Summary: So after a facedown with a scamming Rumplestiltskin fake and a rundown through Rapunzel allowing them to enter a world of fairy tales (through a magic hair rope), Amelia and Olivia Brown (the latter the older one) found themselves in the middle of a Middle-Eastern style city and witness a verbal spar between a young female genie and a teenage not-Middle-Eastern boy called Jackson Mateo Jimenez (wonder why? :p). Of course, both halted their curious banter when seeing the girls. To quote the last story, “Uh oh”?

Past Stories

  1. Scammers and Sisters
  2. Rants and Rapunzels
  3. Greetings and Genies

While Olivia smiled and hit it right off with Jackson Mateo Jimenez, Amelia walked silently besides the genie, hands in the small pockets of her demin jacket, trying to process all that happened and ignore her burning feet.

Well, according to Jackson and Olivia’s rapid Q&A session, both girls gathered that they were in Afghanistan somehow—in the Hindu Kush mountains, at that. Specifically, they had accessed, through Olivia’s “let down your hair” chant (which apparently had worked solely because Olivia had truly believed in this world), the capital city of the Asian continent’s hidden fairy tale kingdom: Darbar (apparently the site of a fairy tale called Rudaba, the Rapunzel of the Middle East…).

And, yeah. There was a hidden fairy tale world in their own earth. Not another world or dimension, just a hidden, underground world of fairy tales.

What…had just happened? Where were they? How in the world did this HAPPEN? Why in the world did it happen? There had to be some purpose, right?

“Oh wow, so you’re from Spain?” Olivia’s voice broke the muddled tornado of Amelia’s thoughts. The straight-haired brunette was talking animatedly with the green-eyed teenager, who had confirmed his age to be seventeen. Olivia wasn’t even sweaty despite the heat and her frilly and warm pink sweater.

“Yup. Technically, we’re Spanish-American but we’re definitely Spaniards at heart,” Jackson smiled back, arms swinging animatedly. “Though we go to an American school, which is why I talk English a lot.”

“We?” Olivia inquired, cocking her head and not dropping her wide grin. “I assume you don’t mean the genie along with that we, right?”

“You bet he doesn’t!” the genie exclaimed, her expression smug. “He means his older brother and his three friends.”

Olivia looked back at the genie. “What’s your name?” she asked her. “And what was that between you two back there?” she added, engrossed enough in her inquiries that she only half-noticed entering an actual café (it was a very fairytale-like cafe, though).

Before Jackson could respond, a breeze rushed past Olivia and tackled the teenager. “Mateo!” a female voice with a light Spanish accent exclaimed.

When she came into focus, Amelia and Olivia saw the pretty face of a blonde, green-eyed girl around Jackson’s age. The said woman was joined by a grave-faced dark-haired man with a crutch and a woman with distracting blonde highlights on black hair and an even more distracting frog on her shoulder.

“Heyyy, Silvia.” Jackson’s impish and easygoing expression was replaced with an awkward blush that was all too familiar to Olivia.

The older woman stepped a little back and elbowed her sister. “Look familiar, Amelia?” Olivia whispered, causing Amelia’s cheeks to flush a sudden pink.

She glared at her sister. “Oh, yeah? The expressions they’re giving each other remind me of you and your fairy tales,” Amelia retorted snappishly. She crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow. “Why couldn’t you have fallen in love with a human, like normal girls?”

Olivia giggled at Amelia’s sour tone and patted her sister’s wavy head. “Aww. Says the one crushing on a bear.”

Amelia turned bright red. “Kenwood is not a bear!” she hissed, turning a brighter shade of red.

“Mhmm. Tell that to his lumbering size, wet-fur smell, and shaggy black hair and beard,” Olivia serenely replied. “Oh. And the fact that he was dressed like one when we met him.”

And without giving a chance for Amelia to slap her sister, the woman smiled widely at the new people, who were glancing quizzically at the sisters.

“Hello, my name is Olivia Brown. And this is my baby sister, Amelia,” Olivia introduced, straightening brightly and gesturing at the twenty-centimeters-taller Amelia. “It seems as we have found ourselves in a world we had no idea about and would love some explanation. Now, first thing’s first. Who are all of you and how many years have you lived?”

It turned out, most of the people present were younger than Olivia. Jackson—Mateo, apparently, though he told the sisters they could call him Jackson or Jack if they wished—was seventeen, like the girl named Silvia he had blushed at. The blonde-and-black-haired girl was called Holly. She was half-fairy, apparently, and Amelia’s age while the man with the crutch (and startling heterochromia) was nearly nineteen and called Marcos (or Henry.) And the female genie was called Mahsa, age merely being “quite young for a genie.”

“And your story?” Olivia prompted after sharing their own short tale of how they had gotten here.

At that, Silvia winced and gestured for the girls and the genie to join them in a table. “It’s…a very long story,” she sighed. “About three years’ worth of story, actually.”

“You can say that again,” Marcos mildly stated as the odd group all turned to give a blushing Silvia a significant look.

Were you able to keep track of all the characters? Ha…ha…ha…

Don’t worry. After four more stories, I will shorten the cast. *dies* This is a great lesson not to put too many characters (there are…seven characters featured right here. And did you think I was finished?! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!)

So just as a rundown, you’ve met Jackson Mateo and Henry Marcos Jimenez (brothers); Holly, a fairy with wacky hair; Silvia, a complicated blonde who apparently shares a mutual crush with Jackson (I usually call him Mateo, but thanks to the story being in the girls’ perspectives, it’s Jackson); and Mahsa, a young/old genie (who will hopefully disappear in two stories…).

See you next time I post! Thursday!

Lemon Duck (Jan 21, 2020)


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