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Genies and Greetings

So for this third installment of the Brown Sisters shorts for Tale Thursdays, you’ll finally get to meet one of the main characters (the three-years-later version, at least) of the Urban Fairy Tale Fantasy world! 

If you want to see the original post, it is found here.

Summary: So far, Amelia and Olivia Brown have faced a Rumpelstiltskin style scammer thanks to Olivia’s obsession with fairy tales. That obsession is a result of a childhood experience where she supposedly saw someone dissapearing to the air on a magic hair-rope. After some argumenting, Olivia playfully drags her little sister in a Rapunzel-style game and…receives that rope of braided hair. Where could it go?

Past Stories

  1. Scammers and Sisters
  2. Rants and Rapunzels


Amelia didn’t even have time to let out the string of euphemized swear words in her as she beheld the sight in front of her.

To be clear, she thought she was hallucinating. So she could only stare at the braided hair of rope dropping down from their ceiling but also…not from their ceiling. Rather hard to explain or even properly see where the hair-rope was coming from.

But also, Olivia jumped up from the couch and half-elbowed Amelia’s face on the way. “I knew it, I knew it, I KNEW IT!!” Olivia squealed, jumping up and down and dragging the stunned Amelia up from the couch. “I told you, I told you, Amelia!”


Olivia, sadly, did not let Amelia finish her stammer. “Come on!” she insisted, her olive green eyes gleaming with satisfaction.

Before Amelia knew it (seriously, she could not remember how she was dragged into this), Olivia snagged her sister’s hand and grabbed onto the braid of hair.

Olivia waited impatiently, hand clutched tightly on the braid. She gave it a tug, thinking. “I wonder how this—”

Much screaming ensued, one of disbelieving fright from Amelia and another of utter delight from Olivia.

They didn’t know how or what or why, but when the rope finished yanking them up through the ceiling, the women found themselves standing still barefoot on a cobblestone floor in what looked like the combination of an ancient and modern city center that was definitely not English or very Western.

Behind them, even, was a rather large fountain—that was shockingly clean—with a stone statue upon a high pedestal. The statue, actually, looked like a woman with impossibly long hair staring off into the distance with a ghost of a smile etched on her face.


And judging from the rapturous (completely Olivia) and quick glances made to their surroundings, both women saw that this was both a rich, mountainous city…complete with a palace in the distance.

The area around them, however, was deathly silent. Olivia and Amelia realized it was due to the people—dark-skinned Middle Easterners with shocked expressions—around them staring.

The women stared at the locals.

The locals stared back.

“Um, hi?” Olivia greeted the villagers, unclenching her hands after realizing she had nothing to grasp and twirling one hand in greeting. She flashed at them her friendliest smile. “How do you do?”

No one replied—it didn’t seem as if anyone could understand their language, honestly—and Amelia had an impulse to grab her sister, run, and then strangle that impulsive old lady! What had Olivia been thinking?! They could be killed right now in this new world!

Oh, new world?? NEW WORLD?!

Just as Amelia was about to suffocate from the silence, her furious worry, and Olivia’s multiple attempts at greeting the stunned locals, a man—a misplaced figure with his Mediterranean white skin and pitch black hair—broke through the crowds. “COME BACK!” he shouted (in English, for that matter), looking around in frustration.

A dark-and-purple-hued-skinned female materialized next to him, a smirk on her face. “No,” she snarked at the man, flicking his head. “I already saved your life, Jackson Mateo Jimenez. You have no hold over me anymore.”

Amelia and Olivia–one openmouthed and ready to hyperventilate and the other with delgihted curiousity–and the crowd stared at the spectacle as the obviously magic lady and the normal-looking boy argued. “Ach!” the man, apparently named Jackson, growled. “Can’t you just listen?”

The woman crossed her arms and lifted a single black eyebrow. “My dear boy, don’t you know the saying: If you are saved from the lion, don’t be greedy and hunt it?”

“But, dear genie,” Jackson’s face was suddenly sunshine as he spoke to the…the genie? “Don’t you know the saying: If a wind blows, ride it?” He frowned. “That’s how it’s said, right? Never mind, genie lady. Just help us, please–”

Before either of them could finish or respond, Amelia had to break in, the stress of the day getting to her. “Hold up, STOP!! Stop it, stop it, stop it!” she shrieked, causing everyone to jump and stare at her.

But Amelia was too busy having a mild attack of…emotions to be self-conscious. “What is going on!?” she managed, cluthching her sister’s shoulder both for support and to convery how Olivia would pay for all this.

Olivia didn’t seem bothered, increasing Amelia’s desire to shake some sense into her older sister. The crowd, on the other hand, looked both confused and apprehensive as the genie and Jackson stared at the girls, then each other. “Truce for now, please?” the man pleaded with the genie.

The genie smiled slowly at Amelia and Olivia and nodded, her strange yellow-gleamed eyes sparkling with mischief. “Curious? Yes. Truce? Definitely.”

Uh oh…

*swallows and sweats nervously* I have made a huge mistake.

Mostly because I don’t know how my MCs will change except for a vague plotline of their various character arcs.

Yeahhhhh, I’m pretty sure if I ever do get to writing the complete story, I’ll make some heavy changes (hopefully, light changes?) to the Brown sisters and to the five MCs…but for now, let’s just pants this with abandon.

And so, yes, you have just met Jackson, my impulsive, bright, stubborn, but also just rather troublesome boy. Chasing a very powerful and dangerous genie, no doubt, which should give some idea to his character (at least when he’s older.)

Either way, see y’all Thursday (officially. Who knows what I’ll do for Fantasy/Fairy Tale February.)

Lemon Duck (Jan 21, 2020)


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©Lemon Duck, 2020. All rights reserved.

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