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Rants and Rapunzels

Yay! More stories! I mean, more Tale Thursdays, which is what’s important. This is the second installment of the Brown Sisters shorts and it was also quiiiite fun.

If you wish to see the original post where I got the prompt and all the helpful bits of advice following it, it’s right here.

And of course, a summary catch up thing.

Summary: Last time we saw the Brown sisters, Amelia was tearing through Edinburgh’s streets to find her older sister Olivia. Naturally, Amelia found Olivia in a dangerous alleyway and encountered a short man who tried to trick both ladies into giving him gold in exchanged for his spinning straw into gold. And subsequently, they turned him in and went back home. Now why was Olivia there in the first place?

You can read the first story right here, by the way.

Scammers and Sisters

(And yes, I very much did sort of copy my Creative Writing class advice on the summary-thing. Go TPS for having fun extracurriculars! Who’s with me?)

Onto the story.

“Explain, Olivia, now!” Amelia demanded of her older sister, crossing her arms and pacing on the wooden floor of their living-room, barefoot, as Olivia calmly drank some tea from the sofa and watched her little sister wear down the floor.

“Are you done repeating that command after adding additional advice after that?” Olivia asked her, taking another sip of chamomile.

Amelia whipped her head, her long wavy hair gloriously following her sudden turn, and glared at the calm woman sitting on the couch. “Was this another one of your leads about fairies and fairy tales being true, you crazy, insane woman?”

Chuckling, Olivia set her cup down and dragged her taller sister onto the sofa besides her. “Calm down, Amelia. I’m fine. I thought Mr. Rumpelstiltskin was a scam but wanted to see just how far he’d take it just in case, so I told him I’d be right back with some straw and gold for him and…found you being unusually violent.”

The scents of chamomile permeated the room as Olivia poured another cup for her sister. “Tea?” the older lady offered.

Tea?” Amelia exclaimed, jumping up and spinning to glare. “Tea indeed, Olivia! When will you let go of your fantasies? There is no magic! There ARE no fairy tales or short men turning straw into gold! You are a respectable journalist of twenty-five letting me live with you as I look for a job, and yet the moment I get out of a job interview, I get a text message from you saying you’ve scampered off into unknown and potentially dangerous alleys chasing a lie!”

“Ah, yes. And how did that job interview go?”


With a sigh, Olivia put down the fresh cup of tea and assumed a more serious expression, though she couldn’t help the tiny upturn of her lips. “Amelia, I know what I saw all those years ago. And I’m convinced fairy tales are connected to them.”

“Oh, just because you thought you saw someone disappearing on a rope made of hair falling from the sky? When you were twelve? In the middle of the night? When we were jetlagged? In Turkey? This obsession from your sleep depravation has to stop, pleaseeee.”

Amelia fell back down to the couch in despair while Olivia poked her sister side. “I’m not obsessed. At least not anymore. I only partake in this sort of thing when I can. It’s not like it’s ever stopped me from living properly and achieving my dream of being a journalist, now has it?”

“No, but you were dealing with a scammer…”

The couch bounced as Olivia crossed her arms and smirked sardonically at Amelia. “Hey! I’ve dealt with many unsavory creatures before. And I’m your older sister, Amelia. You can stop acting as if you’re wiser. ”

“And you,” Amelia groaned, rubbing her temples, “should stop pretending fairy tales are possibly true. They just can’t, even without all the magic! No one can grow a hair long enough to become an oversized rope!”

There was silence as Olivia pondered Amelia’s words, though perhaps not in the way the younger woman hoped.

“Well, if magic were involved, why not?” Olivia said hesitantly, looking at the sky in thought and smiling dreamily. “I wish seeing that magical rope again could be summoned as easily as Rapunzel’s prince summoned Rapunzel’s hair.”

Amelia gave up. “It doesn’t exist…” she monotoned, sinking further in the sofa and glaring at the TV.

“Just following an enchanting singing voice and finding a wonderful tower with a beautiful woman in it, called down by a simple phrase!”

“Sounds rather foreboding.”

“And then…” Olivia laughed and squeezed her sister in a hug, dragging her down, as she threw out one arm. “Hey, Rapunzel, let down your hair!” she commanded Amelia.

“Creepy,” Amelia squirmed, though a giggle escaped her exasperation. She elbowed her sister. “Show me some credentials first, I just don’t let it down for anyone.”

But hardly had those words escaped Amelia’s mouth when a crackling light exploded above their ceiling, making both girls jump.

And then, a rope made of braided hair was dropped down to them.

Fun fact: Rapunzel, along with Snow White, is one of my most retold fairy tales (shorts stories and otherwise). I even have a veeeeeryyyy rough sketch of four of my Rapunzels (yeah, there’s more…) just so I could keep track! XD

And that’s a wrap on this week’s installment of the Brown Sisters shorts. A biiiit cliffhangery, but I don’t think it’s too difficult to find out where these ladies are off to (asides from the typical mortal danger)! 🙂

So far, no big plot holes yet!

See y’all next Thursday!

Lemon Duck (Jan 21, 2020)

P.S. I have noticed most of my characters tend to act exactly the same except for one personality trait. Maybe that’s my fault for not trying to make my characters different, not being a good author, using writing for fun rather than skill-building, and using writing to expel my overabundance of thoughts…oops.

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©Lemon Duck, 2020. All rights reserved.

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