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Scammers and Sisters

And here my first installment of the Brown Sister shorts! It was…super fun, to say the least.

So begins a new Tale Thursdays era (let’s hope this one lasts longer, but it probably won’t). This time, with prompt-inspired shorts about two sisters, Amelia and Olivia Brown. I PROMISE that these shorts won’t go too long and try to keep them between 2 to 4 pages long (hopefully in the short realm.)

Will these prompt stories from Arielle Bailey’s blog make sense? No. Will they have a coherent plot? Probably not. Will I try making them have a seamless plot? Already have. Will I fail? I haven’t failed (too terribly) yet! Will I one day go over the word count limit? Of course, but I haven’t yeeet.

But yes. Basically, for the next nine or so weeks I will be posting this series, which will then become monthly (as these prompts are monthly, so maybe 11ish weeks before monthly stories?).

Sure, this has major-ish spoilers for the main cast of the UFTF (Urban Fairy Tale Fantasy) world. BUT IT’S FUN!!!

So without further ado, I give you Olivia and Amelia’s first story. (Also, if you want the prompt I’m using above, it is found here)

Amelia Brown stomped through the streets of Edinburgh, pushing through a few university students who would have protested had they not seen the twenty-three-year-old’s dark blue eyes filled with murder.

Complete with the cold winter winds blowing at her hatless head, causing her wavy brown hair to whip all around the damp air, Amelia looked terrifying.

Ready to face the sketchy alleyways, for sure, even despite her rich clothing and soft beauty.

“OLIVIA!” she groaned, causing everyone within a kilometer radius of her to jump in terror at the volume of her long-suffering call.

She ignored the apprehensive looks from the people around her and made her way into the alley, wellies sloshing loudly on the pavement’s puddles. “Olivia!” she called into the alleywas, less loudly but with increased irritation. “Where are you?” she demanded.

An unsavory sort of man—a short one, with a scruffy graying brown beard and figuratively luminescent eyes, leaning against the shadows of the wall—gave Amelia a side-eye and came up to her, salesman smile on his face.

“Hello there, miss. I couldn’t help but overhear your loud outburst,” he greeted Amelia, who didn’t even spare a side-glance at him.

The man continued, ignoring Amelia’s supposed ignorance of his existence. “Miss, it isn’t polite to ignore someone who may be able to help you find this Olivia.”

This time, Amelia gave him her skeptical attention. “All right, I’m listening,” she told him, eyebrows flattened. “You have one minute, short man, to convince me that you aren’t lying.”

Short Man pulled out a crystal ball. “But oh, miss, I can do many things. I can see the future, turn straw into gold, and find—”

“Did you just say you could turn straw into gold?” Amelia interrupted, a sick feeling settling in her stomach.

Smiling widely, the man vigorously nodded. “Yes, but of course. I am able to turn the most useless items into one of the most valuable metals.” He had Amelia’s full attention now, though not for the reasons he probably thought. “And all you have to do is give me that golden necklace of yours.”

Short Man pointed at the gold snowflake necklace hanging from Amelia’s neck. The same necklace that the called-for Olivia had given the brown-haired woman.

Amelia pursed her lips and narrowed her eyes, her mind whirling in a way that made it hard to filter out what she was saying. “Wait. Aren’t you going to make gold for me?” she absently asked, clutching her necklace.

If this man claimed he could make straw into gold, maybe Olivia came through here…

“That is the bargain, yes!” Short Man replied, giving no hint as to the absurdity of his request.

And didn’t Olivia once say something about a fairy tale—yes, Rumpelstiltskin! Oh…Olivia, you complete idiot!!

“Then why do you need my gold?” she snapped back to attention, glaring at the man.

Short Man raised his grubby hands. “Do you want my help or not? Miss,” he added as if it were an afterthought.

Amelia gave him a once-over, judging his short stature—definitely shorter than her taller self—and his lack of weaponry.

Seeing all this, she naturally shoved the man against a wall and hissed, “Tell me what you know of a short, green-eyed woman with straight brown hair in a bob before I turn you over to the police for attempting to scam a helpless girl.”

Quivering with fright inside—Amelia despised violence of any kind—Amelia forced her expression to remain the same hard expression she had managed a few minutes ago.

The man seem surprised but also quite nervous. “Listen miss, let’s talk about this. I know nothing—”

“Amelia?” Oliva’s deep and cheerful voice interrupted the short man Amelia was strangling. “Oh, hello, Mr. Rumpelstiltskin! I see you’ve met my sister.”

Sure enough, a green-eyed, brown-haired Scottish girl stood behind Amelia, curiously looking at the spectacle before her without any worry. “Oh, a scam, I see,” Olivia’s voice drooped as she shook her head at the nervous “Rumpelstiltskin.” “Well, Amelia, let’s take him to the police then, shall we?”

Amelia wanted to do a lot of things, the first and foremost being to quite literally strangle her sister in a hug for, again, running off like that. But Olivia, unfortunately, had a point.

“Fine,” she snapped as she relinquished the short man to her short sister, who managed to wrangle the protesting and sputtering man quite easily. “But you have a lot of explaining to do, older and wiser sister!!”

“But do I really?” Olivia grinned at Amelia as they made their way out of the alleyway.

And there you have it!

I will freely admit that Olivia and Amelia are a combination of my and my sister’s personalities (meaning that both have aspects of our own characters). Shoutout to my dearest sibling for giving me the names Olivia and Amelia Brown, their descriptions, and who is older. 🙂 All the while complaining about me bothering her while doing schoolwork, of course (aren’t I sweet?).

Anyway, I don’t have many sisters/female duos in my stories (strange, considering my life is almost devoid of men…), so Olivia and Amber will be FUN to write about!

Stay tuned for next Thursday and the following Thursdays for more of these sisters, a bunch of plot holes, and a too-large-for-short-stories cast!

Lemon Duck (Jan 21, 2020)

P.S. I just realized that I changed Amelia into Amber in my other shorts…oops, guess I have to use the replace function now…


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